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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 24 Nos 3 & 4 November 2009

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Counselling Psychology Review  Vol 24 Nos 3 & 4 November 2009

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Quick Overview

Special double edition:

  • Keynote presentations from the Division's 2007 annual conference

  • Papers by pizewiners.

Plus a collection of other papers.




Heather Sequeira


Big boys really don't cry: Considering men's reluctance to engage in counselling
Andrew White

Ordinary and extraordinary narratives of heroism and resistance: Uncovering resilience, competence and growth
Julia Hutchinson & Juan Carlos Lema

The growing influence of mindfulness on the work of the counselling psychologist. A review
Aylish O'Driscoll

Collaborative goal-setting: Counsellors and clients negotiating a counselling focus
Tom Strong

Trainee Prize in Counselling Psychology 2009
Appreciating gratitude: Can gratitude be used as a psychological intervention to improve individual well-being?
Catherine Nelson (Winner)

Gay monogamy and extra-dyadic sex: A critical review of the theoretical and empirical literature
Kristoff Bonello (Runner-up)

Winner of the Excellence in Research Prize 2008
The power of being seen: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of how experienced counselling psychologists describe the meaning and significance of personal therapy in clinical practice
Rosemary Rizq & Mary Target

Joint-Winners of the Excellence in Research Prize 2009
The ethical challenge of working with spiritual difference: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of practitioners' accounts
Joanna Jackson & Adrian Coyle

Levels of work-stress and burnout among prison officers. An examination of the need for a staff counselling service in a forensic setting
Artemis Xanthakis

Invited Papers: Keynote Speakers at Conference 2009

Welcoming the Other: Actualising the humanistic ethic at the core of counselling psychology practice
Mick Cooper

Our rich heritage - are we building upon it or destroying it?
Phil Mollon

Treasures old and new in a decade of change
Diane Hammersley