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Working with domestic violence victims from the Muslim community

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Quick Overview

Working with domestic violence victims from the Muslim community

9 May 2017

Empowering professionals working with Muslim female victims of domestic violence, to achieve greater effectiveness.

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Working with domestic violence victims from the Muslim community 9 May 2017 A victim who flees from domestic violence or calls out to professionals for help has taken a major leap towards leaving that oppression. Muslim female victims can easily become disillusioned with any help they receive which lacks awareness of their cultural needs. Good intentioned help can instead work against the professional seeking to assist the victim towards safer grounds and a better future, which in turn has a ripple effect within society as a whole. This training seeks to assist those who are trained to help the vulnerable in a way which will harness lasting positive future change. This one day intensive training is designed to assist in increasing the potential effectiveness of being able to help victims from the Muslim community. It will not only cover the intricacies of domestic violence within this setting, it will also ensure that all questions in relation to the following and more, are tackled frankly and without the worry of asking the ‘wrong’ question: • Laying bare the myths surrounding DV within the Muslim Community in order to gain a correct understanding of what the real issues are • Cultural sensitivity awareness aimed at equipping the individual with an approach which will facilitate effectiveness • Understanding Islamic Psychology and thereby examining the possible varying motivations and thought processes behind different actions • A true Islamic Marriage - distinguishing between a marriage based on real Islamic principles as compared to one based on personal whims and desires • Culture Vs Faith and how this has an influence on family, everyday life, and implications regarding domestic violence

Additional Information

Conference Date 9 May
Start Date 9 May 2017
End Date 9 May 2017
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