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Activity for Life: Theoretical and practical issues for exercise psychologists

Activity for Life: Theoretical and practical issues for exercise psychologists

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Quick Overview

An occasional publication for the then Sport and Exercise Psychology Section.

Despite a huge upturn in interest in exercise and fitness and an ever-growing body of evidence for the importance of an active lifestyle in the prevention and management of a large number of diseases and conditions, the majority of peoples in the Western world remain inactive. Multiple social and cultural forces conspire to keep many individuals, particularly women, from physical activity.

This workshop arose from the conviction that psychology has a major role to play in combating this problem and that sport and exercise psychologists can impact upon public health. The intention was to celebrate some of the advances made by those working and researching in the exercise field, consider some of the pitfalls of conducting research and in trying to secure research funding, and to consider possible future roles and directions for exercise psychologists.






Promoting physical activity - the active for life experience
Bob Laventure

'But chocolate is quicker': The case of decreasing activity in a student population
Frances Reynolds

'It ain't over till the fat lady sings': Developing modes of delivery for specific populations
Workshop participants

The transtheoretical model of behaviour change: An examination of its applicability to exercise behaviour change
Nanette Mutrie

Exercise psychology and the world of health services research,  policy and practice
Ken Fox

'I want to tell you a story': Narrative psychology and exercise
Susan Drew


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