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Anti-Money Laundering (e-Learning)

Anti-Money Laundering (e-Learning)

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Quick Overview

Money laundering and underlying serious crimes happen in almost every country in the world and the costs involved are huge. A single scheme can involve transferring money through several countries in order to obscure its origins. Money laundering, at its simplest, is the act of making money that comes from Source A look like it comes from Source B. In practice, criminals are trying to disguise the origins of money obtained through illegal activities so it looks like it was obtained from legal sources and the methods used by money launderers are many and varied.

Anti-Money Laundering will introduce you to the concept of 'money laundering' and how it works. You will learn about money laundering schemes and understand the principles and the methods used. The course shows you how to comply with regulations, what is required from you and how to report laundering.

For more information please click here to see the BPS Learning Centre webpage for this course.

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