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Assessment & Development Matters Vol 1 No 3 Autumn 2009

Assessment & Development Matters Vol 1 No 3 Autumn 2009

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Quick Overview

Assessment & Development Matters (ADM) is published by the Psychological Testing Centre. Its readership is entrants on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) holding the Society's qualifications in educational or occupational testing. It focuses on assessment and development in the educational and occupational fields, and aims to deliver the latest information on testing matters.




Jan Bogg

Revision of the UK Test User Standards and alignment with changes in Europe
Steering Committee on Test Standards

Building strong coaching partnerships
James Brook

Ten thoughts on restructure in 2009
James Bywater

Derailers and personality: Relationships between HDS and OPQ32i
Gillian Hyde

Diagnosing and modifying personal goals: A training programme
Christian Ehrlich

Feedback: Evidence from psychology for best practice
Almuth McDowall, Minna Harris & Michellle McGrath

From the journals to your practice
Mobile learning and technology
Jan Bogg

Testing times in China: A personal reflection
Tony Dickinson

Book review
Ann Cooke & Jacqui Döll

Replacing Key Stage 3 SATS
Nichola Forster & Neil Defty

Frequently asked questions

No to Failure: An intervention study on dyslexia
Chris Singleton

Identification and teaching of children with dyslexia: Recommendations
Jan Bogg

Personal review: Education in the 21st Century - what is the vision?
Rachael Burton

Personal review: Online dyslexia screening tool 'Spot Your Potential'
Niall Devlin

Assessing for extra time at GCSE and A-level
Louise Green

Additional Information