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Assessment & Development Matters Vol 10 No 4 Winter 2018

Assessment & Development Matters Vol 10 No 4 Winter 2018

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Quick Overview

Assessment & Development Matters (ADM) is published by the Psychological Testing Centre. Its readership is entrants on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) holding the Society's qualifications in educational or occupational testing. It focuses on assessment and development in the educational and occupational fields, and aims to deliver the latest information on testing matters.




Nicky Hayes

Utilising motivational profiles in educational settings
Susan Bentham & Louise Iles

Wellbeing and personality type in the workplace: An international comparison
Martin Boult, Nancy Schaubhut, Rich Thompson & Nikhita Dost

Inclusion in the boardroom: The challenges C-Suite women faced and overcame to operate at Board level
Amanda Potter & Rhys Connolly

Individual differences and risky behaviour amongst elite athletes: A review of the psychological predictors of risk-taking behaviour
Rebecca Prince, Dara Mojtahedi, John Synnott & Maria Ioannou

Changes to JCQ access arrangements for 2018/2019
Caroline Read

Enhancing selection and development through use of Projective Assessment methods - interpretation and feedback (Part 2)
Marjorie Raymond & Christopher Ridgeway

Pioneers and landmarks in intelligence testing - Searching for a taxonomy of intelligence
Hugh McCredie

Book Review: Bad Psychology: How Forensic Psychology Left Science Behind by Robert A. Forde
Reviewed by Michael Heap

A day in the life of an educational psychologist
Imogen Howarth


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