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Assessment & Development Matters Vol 5 No 1 Spring 2013

Assessment & Development Matters Vol 5 No 1 Spring 2013

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Quick Overview

Assessment & Development Matters (ADM) is published by the Psychological Testing Centre. Its readership is entrants on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) holding the Society's qualifications in educational or occupational testing. It focuses on assessment and development in the educational and occupational fields, and aims to deliver the latest information on testing matters.




Jan Bogg

Applying career competencies in career management
Sandra Haase, Erica Thomas & Jan Francis-Smythe

News from The Psychological Testing Centre

Managerial differences
Hugh McCredie

Moving a monolith: Cultural change and the Chinese work Personality
James Bywater, Mathijs Affourtit & Ilke Inceoglu

Trust: so important, but can we measure it?
Victor Dulewicz

Book Review: Top business Psychology Models,
by Stefan Cantore & Jonathan Passmore
Reviewed by Stuart Duff

From the Journals to Your Practice
Jan Bogg

Developing an evidence-based 'app' that can be used to teach children literacy
Kirsten Branigan & Shane Gallagher

Assessments for Disabled Student Allowances - keeping abreast of developing practice
Lynn Greenwold

Over-identification of special educational needs in younger members of the age cohort: Differential effects of level of assessment and category of need
Garry Squires, Neil Humphrey & Alexandra Barlow

The assessment of children's motor skills
Caroline Bond

Re-thinking the use of the arts in applied psychology
Nick Hammond

Developing a 'local offer': A new trainee educational psychologist model
Gareth D. Morewood & Adam Rumble

Guidelines for practitioner-based research studies

ADM submission guidelines

Additional Information