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Assessment & Development Matters Vol 9 No 2 Summer 2017

Assessment & Development Matters Vol 9 No 2 Summer 2017

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Quick Overview

Assessment & Development Matters (ADM) is published by the Psychological Testing Centre. Its readership is entrants on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU) holding the Society's qualifications in educational or occupational testing. It focuses on assessment and development in the educational and occupational fields, and aims to deliver the latest information on testing matters.




Nicky Hayes

Who is your harshest critic? Or greatest advocate? Unconscious gender bias in 360° ratings
Gillian Hyde

Decisions, decisions? The implications of gender differences in decision-making style and self-confidence
John Hackston

HCR-20V3 and the use of risk assessment tools for women
Kevin Wilson-Smith & Michelle Carr

Test review update
Jo Horne

Assessing for spatial giftedness in dyslexic adolescents
Victor Martinelli & Deidre Fenech

Assessing the critical ingredients for organisational success through talent: Introducing a robust winning attitude audit grounded in scientific research
Amanda Potter & Lauren Albrecht

The use of projective assessment with children and young people
Emma-Kate Kennedy, Myooran Canagaratnam & Chris Shaldon

Book Review: Supervision in the Psychological Professions: Building your own personalised model
Reviewer: Peter Pratt

Pioneers and landmarks in intelligence testing: Identifying the gifted Francis Galton (1822-1911)
Hugh McCredie


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