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BJEP Monograph Series II: Part 10 Self-regulation and Dialogiue in Primary Classrooms

BJEP Monograph Series II: Part 10 Self-regulation and Dialogiue in Primary Classrooms

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The BJEP Monograph Series publishes papers from a set of conferences on psychological aspects of education, in which invited world-leading researchers provide updates on the latest advances in their fields and consideration of the applied implications. Prices include UK postage and packing.



Monograph No. 10: Self-Regulation and Dialogue in Primary Classrooms

Edited by David Whitebread, Neil Mercer, Christine Howe and Andrew Tolmie

The papers in this monograph were first presented at the annual BJEP Psychological Aspects of Education Current Trends Conference 2011, held in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. They represent the first attempt to bring together two important, current lines of research investigating the processes of teaching and learning in Primary classrooms.

In recent decades, interest has grown into how adults help children develop new ways of thinking and learning. Particular interest has been given to the development of children's abilities to organize and take control of their own learning, a development described by Vygotsky as the transition from 'other-' to 'self-regulation'. Within this socio-cultural framework, attention has also been given to the role of spoken dialogue between adults and children in learning and development.

Until now, however, despite their shared common concern with the interactional processes whereby adults support children's early development as learners, these two areas of interest have largely been explored by different researchers using different explanatory frameworks and conceptual vocabularies. The present collection of papers, written by eminent researchers within these fields, review the contributions of these two research literatures to our understandings about learning and teaching processes within Primary classrooms, explore commonalities between the two literatures, consider theoretical implications and set out plans for future research and practice agendas.


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