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BJEP Monograph Series II: Part 11 Learning Beyond the Classroom

BJEP Monograph Series II: Part 11 Learning Beyond the Classroom

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The BJEP Monograph Series publishes papers from a set of conferences on psychological aspects of education, in which invited world-leading researchers provide updates on the latest advances in their fields and consideration of the applied implications. Prices include postage and packing.



Monograph No. 11: Learning Beyond the Classroom

Edited by Jill Hohenstein and Heather King

The papers in this monograph were first presented at the annual BJEP Psychological Aspects of Education Current Trends Conference 2014, held at King's College, London. This volume draws together a range of perspectives on the nature, recognition, and potential organisation of learning beyond the classroom.

Learning takes place throughout our lives, across time, and in a variety of settings. Indeed, it is recognised that learners spend more time outside of the classroom than they do within it. Increasingly, researchers are turning their attention to the learning that takes place in non-classroom environments such as workplaces, the home, and cultural settings. And yet, many of the individuals researching learning in these non-school contexts consult one another only rarely.

This monograph, resulting from a conference of the same name, brings together researchers to discuss learning and development, motivation and interest, and coaching and learning across the paradigms of cognitive psychology, organisational psychology, education, and ecological perspectives on learning. The topics addressed include games, music, science and language. In combining multidisciplinary viewpoints, the monograph offers a rich discussion of ideas about learning across a range of theoretical and methodological perspectives.


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