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BJEP Monograph Series II: Part 3 Pedogogy - Teaching for Learning

BJEP Monograph Series II: Part 3 Pedogogy - Teaching for Learning

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The BJEP Monograph Series publishes papers from a set of conferences on psychological aspects of education, in which invited world-leading researchers provide updates on the latest advances in their fields and consideration of the applied implications. Prices include UK postage and packing.



Monograph No. 3: Pedogogy: Teaching for Learning

Edited by Leslie Smith, Colin Rogers and Peter Tomlinson

This monograph issue covers current psychological contributions to pedagogy - systematic understanding of teaching and learning - by way of an illustrative set of international contributions dealing with issues relevant to mainstream schooling across the age range. General topics include: teaching towards expertise, teaching and learner variation, motivating learning, promoting self-regulated learning and teaching thinking, as well as reflective considerations on using psychology in education. Specific subject pedagogies are represented by chapters on the teaching of writing, teaching of science and the early development of conceptual understanding in mathematics.


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