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British Educational Psychology: The first 100 years

British Educational Psychology: The first 100 years

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Quick Overview

This, the first in a series of monographs published by the Society's History of Psychology Centre, outlines the development of the profession in the United Kingdom during its first century of existence. It describes a number of different themes that have emerged over time and documents key points in the profession's development. Between each chapter is a vignette conveying personal accounts of the profession over the decades described.

Contributors are all qualified educational psychologists, and the production of this book has been generously supported by the Society's Division of Educational & Child Psychology.

Revised edition 2017

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About the Contributors

Chapter 1: Origins
Christopher Arnold
Vignette 1: Editorial, British Journal of Psychology, 1904, Vol 1 No1

Chapter 2: The rise of education
Christopher Arnold
Vignette 2: Cyril Burt's contract with the LCC

Chapter 3: An evolving discipline: Exploring the origins of educational psychology, educational selection and special education
Vivian Hill
Vignette 3: Edited extract from the transcript of Burt's 1964 speech, made on being made a Patron of the Association of Educational Psychologists:
'The School Psychological Service: Its history and development'

Chapter 4: 'Challenging behaviour' and the challenges EPs
Adrian Faupel & Julia Harding
Vignette 4: An encounter with Sir Cyril Burt - Trevor Bryans

Chapter 5: From ascertainment to reconstruction: 1944-1978  
Harriet Martin
Vignette 5: Memories of training in the 1960s - Chris Reeve

Chapter 6: Psychology for All: Everything you need to know about why it all went wrong and how to put it right
Jonathan Solity
Vignette 6: Memories of practice in 1970s: Was this indeed the optimal time to work as an educational psychologist? - Sue Morris

Chapter 7: The changing nature of assessment by educational psychologists: yesterday, today and tomorrow
R.J. (Sean) Cameron & Julia Hardy
Vignette 7: My last thirty years as an EP practitioner - Sean Cameron & Julia Hardy

Chapter 8: Giving it (psychology) all away in the 90s! 
Mike Hymans
Vignette 8: Giving it (psychology) all away in the 90s! - Mike Hymans

Chapter 9: The development of educational psychology in Scotland    
Tommy MacKay & James Boyle
Vignette 9: David Kennedy-Fraser, MA, BSc, FEIST - Tommy MacKay

Chapter 10: The move to doctoral training: A study in systems change  
Norah Frederickson
Vignette 10: Memories of Training in the 2000s - Juliet Whitehead

Chapter 11: Working across diverse contexts with wider populations: The developing role of the EP   
Vivian Hill
Vignette 11: Memories of Recent Training - Reem Dean

Chapter 12: The future of educational psychology   
Andy Allen & Julia Hardy

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