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Care packages & pathways/Payments by Results for mental health services for adults

Care packages & pathways/Payments by Results for mental health services for adults

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Quick Overview

The aim of this paper is provide concise information and strategic advice in relation to the new mechanism for payment for mental health services in England; Care Packages & Pathways (CPP) and Payment by Results (PbR). Links to sources of more detailed information are also provided.

As this field is developing rapidly, this paper should be regarded as a 'work in progress' and can only provide an introduction to the area. This paper has been written in the hope that it will be useful to professional and managerial leads of psychological services, particularly across England. However, the principles of introducing service redesign to address client need systematically using evidence based interventions, and working strategically to influence these processes, are applicable across the four nations.

It is hoped therefore that this paper will also be of interest to all psychological practitioners working in mental health services.




Executive Summary


How CPP has been linked to PbR: Work of the CPP project group

Implementation of PbR

Implications for psychological services

Strategic approaches


Summary & Conclusions



Appendix 1: Two examples of care packages

Appendix 2: IMHSeC care package example


Additional Information