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Child and Family Clinical Psychology Review No 6 Autumn 2018

Child and Family Clinical Psychology Review No 6 Autumn 2018

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Quick Overview

The publication of the Division of Clinical Psychology Faculty for Children, Young People and Their Families. The review's mission is to promote and share good quality clinical writing and research within the field of child, adolescent and family clinical psychology by publishing annual themed editions expressing a range of views and ideas and research around a pertinent topic.

The theme of this issue is What good could look like in integrated psychological services for children, young people and their families: Preliminary guidance and examples of practice.



Participatory practices in collaboration with children, young people, their families, communities, and professionals


A note from the Chair
Katie Hunt

A message from the Editors
Eleanor Bartram, Patrick Toulson, Sophie Neech, Tracey Smith, Jo Hemmingfield, Zoe Large & Lowell Black

The Editorial Team

Paper 1: Activating the community: Some ideas about inclusion and learning disabilities
Katarina Luce & Jennifer McElwee

Paper 2: Understanding Your Baby
Rebecca Fellows

Paper 3: Tube to Chicken Army: Parents led Facebook support group for families with children with ARFID
Clarissa Martin, Rebecca Blinkhorn, Vicky Tombs & Simran Bilkhu

Paper 4: Collaboration with service users to develop a health and wellbeing suitcase for use in schools
Eloise Wynter, Tali Krikler & Sarah Clark

Paper 5: An Islington CAMHS collaboration with the National Gallery: Harnessing young people's creativity to improve CAMHS services
Eloise Wynter & Sarah Clark

Paper 6: What is participation in PALMS?: A positive behaviour, autism, learning disability, mental health service for children/young people 0-19 years old
Leanne Ong & Annum Qureshi

Paper 7: Everyday participation: Rethinking involvement and participation in children and young people's mental health settings
Duncan Law, Kate Martin, Grace Jeremy, Amy Feltham & Beth Ingram

Paper 8: The use of special interests in interventions with children and young adults with an autism spectrum condition: Maximising their involvement and participation
Julie Smith-Lewis

Paper 9: Risky child, risky involvement?: Hearing the voice of the child subject to or at risk of sexual exploitation
Romana Farooq, Lin Stevenson, Ginnie Beacham-Hulvej and Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust Youth Council


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