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Clinical Psychology: Continuing Professional Development Guidelines

Clinical Psychology: Continuing Professional Development Guidelines

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Quick Overview

Undertaking both a necessary and sufficient range and depth of CPD is now central to the revalidation and re-registration process for all practitioner psychologists registered with the Health Professions Council. This document addresses wider contexts and professional issues beyond meeting the requirements for re-registration.

CPD and its impact on one's repertoire of knowledge and skills on everyday clinical practice remains a core function and responsibility of all clinical psychologists.




1. The Government's position on life-long learning

  •  The statutory regulation of professions: HPC
  • What is CPD?
  • Identifying and meeting the costs of CPD: The balance of responsibilities

 The Society Context

  • The Society's approach to CPD
  • Statutory Regulation for Psychologists and the Society's CPD Policy
  • Society support for CPD
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity Issues
  • Leadership, Mentorship and Supervision
The Divisional Context
  • Within the NHS
  • Other Professional Issues

Further Information


Appendix: CPD activities

Additional Information