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Clinical Psychology Forum No 114 April 1998

Clinical Psychology Forum No 114 April 1998

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.




Special Issue: Qualitative research and clinical psychology: Promoting the Interchange
Edited by Karen Henwood, Carolyn McQueen and Arlene Vetere


The conference: Its background and agenda
Karen Henwood and Carolyrn McQueen

Three outcomes of qualitative research in learning disabilities: Reconceptualizing models, enhancing clinical practice and developing services
Jennifer Clegg and Susan King

When 'clever' means 'happy': Disability, desire and distress
Paul Withers

The Black therapist and cross-cultural therapy: Power dynamics and identity
Meenaxi Patel

Community psychology: Theory, practice and the link with qualitative research
Lin Phillips

Discourse analysis and psychiatric medication
Dave Harper

Discourse analysis in clinical research and practice: a consideration of the: Contemporary crisis in male mental health
Adrian Coyle and Deborah Pugh

Discourse analysis and clinical supervision
Colleen Heenan

Discussion Group report: Issues in the supervision and assessment of doctoratte theses: Using qualitative approaches
Bob Woods

Report on two symposia: Combining the clinician and the researcher: Models and methods and Voices, advocacy and reflexivity
Karen Henwood and Paul Duckett

Symposium report: Mixing methods
Zazie Todd

Endnote: Reflections on 'promoting the interchange'
Mary Boyle

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Division News

  • Trainee Forum: Working with acllult survivors of sexual abuse
    Phil Goldblatt
  • Open all hours: Developing 24-hour mental health services
    John Manley
  • Continuous quality improvement in clinical psychology
    John Cape
  • The Health White Paper
    Lesley Cohen

Obituaries of Bill Barnes and John Sharich


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