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Clinical Psychology Forum No 209 May 2010: Special issue - User and carer involvement

Clinical Psychology Forum No 209 May 2010: Special issue - User and carer involvement

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.

Special issue: User and carer involvement 




  • Notes from the Chair
  • Correspondence
  • From the Editor's Chair
  • Book Cover
  • DCP Update: Sex among vulnerable groups: How do we respond? - Sylvia Kapp
  • Self-help - Felix Q.


Special Issue: Service User and Carer Involvement

Editorial: Service User and Carer Involvement - why bother?
Mark Hayward, Anne Cooke, Louise Goodbody & Rob Good

Psychological research mentored by a survivor activist: Having your cake and eating it!
Louise Pembroke & Jo Hadfield

Don't just involve carers: engage them and reap the benefits!
Sheena Foster

User involvement: Corporate and captive
Bob Diamond

Service-users and carers as placement advisors: Part 1 - getting started
Anne Cooke & Mark Hayward

Service-users and carers as placement advisers: Part 2 - personal reflections on novel relationships
Ellie Atkins, Laura Hart, Clara O'Brien & Terence Davidson

Working in partnership to develop self-help hearing voices groups
Sara Meddings, Julia Stapley & Claire Tredgett

Getting our foot in the door: service users and carers making progress in clinical psychology training - a personal view
Barbara Riddell

Tensions and dilemmas in clinical psychology's relationship with the service user movement
Dave Harper

From student to service user to research lecturer on a clinical psychology programme: A personal view on why clinical psychology training needs service user involvement
Sue Holttum

User involvement: Why bother? Trainee clinical psychologist and/or service user?
Emma Harding

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