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Clinical Psychology Forum No 293 May 2017

Clinical Psychology Forum No 293 May 2017

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.





Stephen Weatherhead


Book Review - How to teach morality: Promoting deliberation and discussion, reducing violence and deceit by George Lind
Reviewed by Tony Wainwright

Book Review - The Road More Travelled by David Beckler, Brian Bilston, Beverley Butcher, Brett N Wilson, Ros Davis, Rosie Cullen, Paul Arnold, B.E. Andre, Cliff Chen & Ricki Thomas
Reviewed by Paul Beckley

DCP UK Chair's Update
Esther Cohen-Tovée


Above all, do no harm: Towards more ethical ways of being and acting in psychological formulation
Divine Charura, Kay McFarlane, Bryony Walker & Glenn Williams

Layering violence: Mapping the material and theoretical dislocation of women under neoliberalism
Julia Robinson & Rebecca Lawthom

The libidinal economy of common sense: What can psychology tell us about the endurance of neoliberalism?
Metodi Siromahov

Reflections on the Music and Change project
Mark Moubarak Chentite

Formulation beyond therapy: The influences of political and legal processes on the mental health of people fleeing trauma and seeking asylum in the UK
Katy Robjant

A formulation of internet use within society and how it helps us understand acts such as 'sexting' within youth
Matthew Lister

A relational map of politics, the media and the public: Cognitive Analytic Therapy and contextual reformulation
Steve Jefferis

Trident renewal and the Labour Party: A systemic formulation using the Coordinated Management of Meaning
Phil Arthington

'I'm paying for my son's upbringing with other people's wages'. Community psychology praxis in a Sure Start Children's Centre: The Great Yarmouth Father's Project
Danny Taggart, Carl McCauley & Sue Smithhurst


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