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Clinical Psychology Forum No 30 December 1990

Clinical Psychology Forum No 30 December 1990

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.




Never mind the width, measure the quality
Eamonn D. Wilde and P.O. Svanberg

Psychologists and teams - Has death already occurred?
Jean K. Clydesdale

Performance of 11-14 year olds on the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test
Barbara Wilson, Sarah Forester, Trevor Bryant and Janet Cockburn

Child sexual abuse: The challenge to clinical psychology
Steve Coates, Linda Clifford, Heather Bacon, Alison Gray, Paul Jones and Jill Smith

Accessibility to a community mental health centre
Peter Whittle and Val Logan

Some observations on clinical psychology as an institution
Harold Davis

Look back in hunger: The meaning of 'anorexia nervosa'
Troy Cooper

The scientist-practitioner in practice
Derek Milne, Peter Britton and Ian Wilkinson

Korner data - Do you have the worm's eye view or the bird's eye view? An interview with Edith Korner
Simon Gelsthorpe

Business planning in clinical psychology
Robin Davidson

Consciousness raising, science and normalisation
Eric Emerson

Division News

  • Chair's letter
    Peter Wilcock
  • Professional issues in clinical neuropsychology
    Fraser Watts
  • Dear affiliate
    Janina Szyndler
  • Trent branch reorganization
  • DCP Trent branch meeting - 5 July 1990
    Lesley Cohen
  • Function and structure of the DCP
    Lesley Cohen (artistic direction from Bruce Napier)

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