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Clinical Psychology Forum No 311 November 2018

Clinical Psychology Forum No 311 November 2018

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.





Ben Donner


Pre-Qualification Group Column - Helping the real you shine through: Reflections on the Pre-Qualification Group workshop
Megan Stratford

News - Reflections on the 57th Maudsley Debate
Rachel Anne Pulham & Megan Hitchcock

DCP UK Chair's Update
Julia Faulconbridge

Felix Q

Book Review - The New Psychology of Health: Unlocking the Social Cure
Catherine Haslam, Jolanda Jetten, Tegan Cruwys, Genevieve A. Dingle & S. Alexander Haslam
Reviewed by Lynsey Mahmood


Fact and fiction reveal how bleak life can be on a mental health ward
Ian Cummins

Unleashing a pandemic of psychological health
Sarajane Aris, Stephen Murgatroyd & Amra Rao

Brief narrative group work on acute inpatient mental health wards
Liam Ennis

Living with extreme mood swings: A recovery-focused group intervention
Catherine Huckle & Eleftheria Fasoulaki

Increasing access to computerised cognitive behaviour therapy for older people
Bronagh Weir, Kevin G. Power & Fabia Cientanni

Clinical psychology in Britain: A brief history
Linda Shuttleworth

Understanding addiction as a method of emotion regulation: Using groups to develop alternative ways of coping
Sasha Priddy, Sonia Oyervides & Jessica Gillespie


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