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Clinical Psychology Forum No 57 July 1993

Clinical Psychology Forum No 57 July 1993

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.




HIV/AIDS: Carers, clinicians and the epidemic of reaction
Nicholas M. Priestley

Are you worried about the 'worried well'?
Nigel A. Sage

Factors which might contribute to effective supervision
Andrea Hirons and Richard Velleman

Being critical is not a critical review: Some facts about family management in schizophrenia
Dominic Lam and Liz Kuipers

Conjectures and refutations: A reply to Lam and Kuipers
Lucy Johnstone

The corporate health unit: A working model
Paul Stallard and David Childs

What we want is what they need: Fantasies about the organization of clinical psychology services
Roger Paxton

New roles in a changing NHS: Meeting the professional development needs of clinical psychologists
Michael Berger, Halina Brunning, Janet Carr, Chris Lenham, Nigel Sage and Toni Whitehead

Division News

  • News from the DCP policy meeting, 26-27 Apriil 1993
    Laura Golding
  • DCP 25th birthday conference, 2-5 April 1993
    Laura Golding
  • Service developments: The psychology of NHS strategy
    Chris Trepka
  • Dear affiliate
    Belinda Hacking and Lesley Waldron

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