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Clinical Psychology Forum No 62 December 1993

Clinical Psychology Forum No 62 December 1993

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.




Edited by Craig Newnes and Laura Golding

Quality, Zen and the art of Glastonbury... and the magpie
Rosie Woodhead

Woman, mother, clinical psychologist: The professional juggler
Glenda Wallace

Needs and mental health
Stuart Mitchell

Contemplating navels
Janie Penn-Barwel

Non-professional relationships
Tanya Garrett

On listening to the patient
Chin K. Li

Unconditional positive regard
Elizabeth Howells

Dear Doctor
Margie Wood

And first, the bad news
Craig Newnes

Facing the pain of the memories
Zaida Hall

Soap: I see the Lux
Ana Sim

Addictions: Looking to the future
Mark Griffiths

Psychotherapists' sexual involvement with clients
H. B. Gibson

Facilitating cognitive-behavioural therapy with a bit of help from Shakespeare
Prem D. Gurnani

Pulling up daisies
Pat Guinan

The true story of a white sombrero
J. Richard Marshall

The personal and the political: A rant against fragmentation
David Harper

Vanishing act
John Kenworthy

Desert island therapy
Laura Golding

'Meaning' in therapy
Charles Pickles

Therapy as abuse? Some reflections
Helen Gamsa

Are there no cures?
Roberta Russell


  • How low can we sink and still call ourselves human?
    Pat Frankish

Division News

  • At a glance
    Laura Golding
  • The roll of the Mental Health SWG in the development of Read Codes for the Mental Health Professions as part of the Clinical Terms Project
    Susannah Rix, Marilyn Carter and John Wing
  • Financial report
    Adrian Skinner
  • Dear affiliate
    Craig White
  • Committee news
    Laura Golding

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