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Clinical Psychology Forum No 66 April 1994

Clinical Psychology Forum No 66 April 1994

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.




'What is it like to work up there?'
Alan Jones, Caroline Dobson, Alison Robertson, Dave Peck and GiII Tyrer

Helping us to manage: A consumer's view of the DCP management development course
Carolyn John and Jill Smith

Introducing patient-focused care to an NHS-Trust: Some implications for clinical psychology
David Sperlinger

Encouraging self-referrals: The effectiveness of drop-in counselling services
Rik Cheston and Elsa Schmidt

Research in clinical psychology: One trial aversion learning?
Robert S.P. Jones

The organization of psychology services: The directorate model
Mark O'Callaghan

Safe sex
Brenda Roberts

The rise and demise of the walk-in clinic
Mary Brownescombe Heller

Our money in their hands: Marketing clinical psychology to GP fundholders
Halina Brunning, Sandra Elliot, Win Fleming and Jan Prior

A Twenty questions: Some pointers for good practice
Lorraine Bell

The 'consultancy model': Self-promotion or self-destruction?
Martin Seager

Procrastination: Early learning, indecision or the art of living slowly?
John Graham White

Division News

  • At a glance
    Laura Golding
  • Primary care psychology conference
    Crispin Day
  • Service developments: A guide to SDSC
    Chris Trepka
  • Regional representation of psychology: To merge or not to merge?
    Carol Sellars, Fiona Kennedy and Barbara Quiny
  • Committee news
    Laura Golding
  • Dear affiliate
    Alistair Smith

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