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Clinical Psychology Forum No 72 October 1994

Clinical Psychology Forum No 72 October 1994

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Quick Overview

Clinical Psychology Forum is designed to serve as a discussion forum for any issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.




Edited by Lesley Cohen

Social interaction skills workshop for people disadvantaged by their appearance
James Partridge, Katherine Lacy and Nichola Rumsey

I Reconciling theory and practice in cognitive-behaviour therapy
Chris R. Brewin

The Second Sheffield Psychotherapy Project and Collaborative Psychotherapy Project: Some initial findings and their clinical implications
Alison Culverwell, Roxane Agnew, Michael Barkbarn, Gillian E. Hardy, Anne Rees, David A. Shapiro, Shirley Reynolds, Jeremy Halstead, William B. Stiles and Veronica. M.G. Harrington

Will the eagles ever fly?
Pat Frankish, Rebecca Smith, Clare Eldred and Richard Clarke

Conceptualizing and measuring clinical psychology skills: DCP symposium
Catherine Dooley, Pat Frankish, David Brock, Annette Lumsden and Derek Milne

Service evaluation within the NHS: The challenge to applied psychological research
Graham Turpin

Boundaries in professional relationships: Conference workshop
John Marzillier and Damian Gardner

Issues for clinical psychologists in dealing with stress: Conference symposium
Maggie Cormack


What are these things called 'skills'?
Martin Seager

Division News

  • At a glance
    Laura Golding
  • Counselling and primary care: Promoting good practice. A conference held on 10 December 1993 at the King's Fund Centre
    Veronica Gore
  • Comments from the Standing Subcommittee on Continuing Professional Development and Service Development Subcommittee
    Diane:Lukeman and P.O. Svanberg
  • Dear Affiliate
    Gillian Hopper
  • Parliamentary questions
    Pat Frankish

Conference Report

  • Psychology Politics Resistance
    Ian Parker

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