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Clinical Psychology & People with Learning Disabilities Vol 11 Nos. 1 and 2 April 2013

Clinical Psychology & People with Learning Disabilities Vol 11 Nos. 1 and 2 April 2013

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Quick Overview

The newsletter is a quarterly publication to keep clinical psychologists working in the field of learning disability informed about:

  • Faculty and other relevant Society activities;

  • innovative practice changes in statutory provision and legislation related to people with learning disabilities;

  • latest research; and

  • training courses, events and conferences

It also provides a means for clinical psychologists, trainees and assistants to make contact with colleagues working with similar issues or projects.

This is a Special Edition guest edited by Celia Heneage, Nicky Gregory and Rowena Rossiter on Groups.




Steve Carnaby

'Bridging the Gap' - A thematic analysis exploring staff understanding pre- and post-bereavement training
Rachael Ellis, Jenna Westbrook & Jill McGarry

People with learning disabilities experiences of a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills Group: A thematic analysis
Lyndsey Hall, Natalie Bork, Sally Craven & Ceri Woodrow

Developing the use of Intensive Interaction in the Oxfordshire Learning Disability NHS Trust (Ridgeway Partnership)
Jules McKim

Good Practice Guidelines for UK clinical psychology training providers for the training and consolidation of clinical practice in relation to adults with learning disabilities
BPS Faculty for Learning Disabilities

Learning disability and dementia: Audit of staff training pilot
Paula Houton, Paddy McNally & Moira Scanlon

Quality of Early Relationships Rating Scale (QuERRS): A screening tool to aid psychotherapy assessment in people with mild to moderate learning disabilities
Allan Skelly & Robert Reay

Review of measures used in a dementia screening programme with adults with learning disabilities
Roman Raczka, Isabel Sweetman & Kate Theodore

'Not everybody memorises the phone book': Representations of autism in psychiatrists' accounts
Jaci C. Huws & Robert S.P. Jones

Review: Aggressive behaviour in adults with learning disabilities
Thomas Richardson

What are we making? The Reflexive Self-Awareness Consultation Tool (RS-ACT)
Mark Haydon-Laurelut

The Funnel: A brief narrative
Brian Leaning

The Summertime Confidence Group: An assertiveness group for people with learning disabilities
Hannah Kelland, Nicola Lane & Nicola Brandaro

Multidisciplinary approaches to working with referrals for behaviour that challenges services: Developing knowledge, skills and confidence
Graeme Karger, Melanie Hodgkinson & Matt Symes

A repeat survey in 2012 of the clinical psychologists working with people with a learning disability in the north-west of England
Ian Fleming

Faculty visit to Zagreb, Croatia
Nigel Beail

Advancing Practice 2011 and 2012: A slightly different affair
Nigel Beail


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