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Commissioning for Providers (e-Learning)

Commissioning for Providers (e-Learning)

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Quick Overview

Over recent years, power and responsibility for commissioning services has been slowly devolved to local groups of clinicians, so decision-making can become as close as possible to patients.

This course looks at what commissioning actually is, how it has developed and how it is going to keep changing. It introduces the idea of how the "building blocks" of commissioning - planning, securing and monitoring - can be broken down, how they interact with one another, and how understanding them can help provide better services for everyone.

Commissioning for Providers enables you to understand the history of commissioning in the NHS, understand the roles of the new organisations in the NHS, identify the key elements of the commissioning processes, relate the important elements of the planning for services, determine the requirement for procuring services, and consider the elements and implications of contract management.

The course is aimed at health professionals who want to know more about the commissioning process. This may be to enhance their role as a provider and understand how and when to engage with commissioners or those who are becoming more involved in commissioning.

This course was written by Primary Care Commissioning.

90 days access.

Duration: 4 hours

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