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Concentration Skills Training in Sport

Concentration Skills Training in Sport

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Quick Overview

The ability to concentrate on appropriate stimuli during athletic endeavours has long been proposed as one of the most important skills underlying athletic success. This 2003 publication is based on the six presentations at a workshop which aimed to stimulate and encourage further critical evaluation and debate concerning the state of theory and research in the field of concentration skills training and to highlight potential avenues for further research and intervention. It also sought to encourage debate and evaluation through examining the experiences of a number of applied sport psychologists working with athletes to develop their levels of concentration.



Iain Greenlees

The state of concentration skills training in applied sport psychology 
Aidan P. Moran

Developing selection attention skill in fast ball sports
A. Mark Williams

New directions in the development of concentration skills: A behavioural perspective
Robin Jackson

Dealing with distractions
Brian Hemmings

Instance theory, imagery and attention
Sarah R. Cecil

Concentration training for closed skills: Pre-performance routines
Tim Holder

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