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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 11 No 1 February 1996

Counselling Psychology Review Vol 11 No 1 February 1996

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Quick Overview

A publication including articles concerning research and practice in Counselling Psychology.




Letter from the Chair
Mary Watts

Research issues in counselling psychology: introduction
Helen Cowie and Annemarie Salm

Balancing the qualitative and the quantitative in counselling psychology research
Martin Glachan

The research question: significant learning experience in counselling training - a longitudinal study
Annemarie Salm

Illuminative case studies: a solution
Helen Cowie and Annemarie Salm

Content analysis of qualitative data
Regina Pauli and Diane Bray

Grounded theory: a potential methodology
Jean 0'Callaghan

Discourse analysis: a possible solution
Paul Dickerson

Annemarie Salm 

Eros And Hermes: The twin pillars of the new paradigm of qualitative research in psychology
Jamie Moran

Bibliography: Using a family tree in counselling
Robert Bor 

Psychology and the changing role of men: a multicultural perspective
Peter Robbins

Book reviews

Division Standing Committee for Professional Affairs
Martin Milton 


Counselling Psychology Review Vol. 10: Index  55  

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