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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 25 No 3 September 2010

Counselling Psychology Review  Vol 25 No 3 September 2010

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Quick Overview

Special Edition: The Qualification in Counselling Psychology: Exploration of a training route to becoming Chartered and Registered as a Counselling Psychologist




Editorial: Call the CoPs - Terry Hanley

Guest Editorial: QCoP: The Independent Route in Counselling Psychology - Barbara Douglas & Pam James

Section 1: The Qualification at work

A day in the life of the Qualifications Officer - Bethan Carley

The role of the QCoP Registrar - Barbara Douglas

The role of the QCoP Chief Assessor - Paul Hitchings

The role of Assessors and Exam Moderators - Dee Danchev

The role of a Co-ordinator of Training - Lynn Jordan

Section 2: Candidate work

Introduction - Barbara Douglas & Pam James

Assessed Unit 4: An academic paper which examines the meaning and implications of anti-discriminatory practice in counselling psychology - Stephen Biggs

Assessed Unit 5: An academic paper which addresses issues relating to the impact of organisational, structural or situational contexts on counselling psychology practice - Sinead Crowley

Assessed Unit 6: An academic paper which critically examines the philosophical bases of counselling psychology and addresses in particular the relationship between its values and commitment to psychological enquiry - Mabel Martinelli

Section 3: Being Independent

On Independence: An exploration of the independent route towards qualification as a Counselling Psychologist - Amanda Hall

A reply from the Chair of the Board of Assessors in Counselling Psychology to the issues raised in a survey of trainees on the QCoP - Pam James

The Qualification Trainee Representative - Cath Kerr

Virtual and real conversations with people who experienced the QCoP - Claire John

Reflections on the Independent Route - Marina Skourteli

Concluding comments and looking ahead - Pam James



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