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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 27 No 1 March 2012

Counselling Psychology Review  Vol 27 No 1 March 2012

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Quick Overview

A publication including articles concerning research and practice in Counselling Psychology.




Editorial: Considering collaboration and 'crodswoggle'
Terry Hanley, Denis O'Hara & Edith Steffen

Trainee Prize Award Winners

How important is an understanding of the client's early attachment experience to the psychodynamic practice of counselling psychology?
Patrick Larsson

Organisations adjusting to change: A discussion of the impact of an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service on the organisational dynamics of an existing psychological therapies department
Anne-Marie Lewis

Research Paper

'Being kinder to myself': A prospective comparative study, exploring post-trauma therapy outcome measures, for two groups of clients, receiving either Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Compassionate Mind Training
Elaine Beaumont, Adam Galpin & Peter Jenkins

Theoretical Papers

A critique on the use of standard psychopathological classifications in understanding human distress: The example of 'schizoid personality disorder'
Panagiotis Parpottas

Humanism vs. the Medical Model - can pluralism bridge the divide for counselling psychologists? A trainee's perspective
Charles Frost

Reconciling technical and practical knowledge in psychotherapy through Polanyi's tacit knowing
Denis O'Hara

Dialogues and Debates

A response to Simms (2011): Case formulation within a person-centred framework: An uncomfortable fit?
Ewan Gillon

Book Review

Faith, Hope and Therapy: Counselling with St. Paul, by Roger Grainger
Reviewed by Adam Scott

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