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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 29 No 2 June 2014

Counselling Psychology Review Vol 29 No 2 June 2014

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Quick Overview

A publication including articles concerning research and practice in Counselling Psychology. This edition is a special edition on Existential Approaches and Issues in Counselling Psychology.




Editorial: A moment to pause and reflect on the significance of the existential paradigm for counselling psychology
Edith Steffen & Terry Hanley

Invited Paper

An existential challenge to some dominant perspectives in the practice of contemporary counselling psychology
Ernesto Spinelli

Theoretical Papers

Sexuality: Where existential thought and counselling psychology practice come together
Martin Milton

The palpable in existential counselling psychology
Greg Madison

Human development and existential counselling psychology
Martin Adams

Research Paper

Retirement Therapy? Older people's experiences of existential therapy relating to their transition to retirement
Will Edwards.& Martin Milton

Invited Paper

Structural Existential Analysis (SEA): A phenomenological research method for counselling psychology
Emmy van Deurzen

Dialogues and Debates

The question of the self
Denis O'Hara

Book Review

Working with loss and grief: A theoretical and practical approach (2nd edn)
Linda Machin
Reviewed by Charles Farrugia


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