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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 29 No 3 September 2014

Counselling Psychology Review Vol 29 No 3 September 2014

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Quick Overview

A publication including articles concerning research and practice in Counselling Psychology.




Editorial: Contributions to knowledge, conferences and Counselling Psychology Review: An ethical dilemma
Terry Hanley

Research Papers

UK counselling psychology training placements: Where are we now?
Christine E. Ramsey-Wade

Does Mindfulness help in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)? An audit of client experience of an OCD group
Hamilton Fairfax, Kayleigh Easey, Sara Fletcher & Jane Barfield

The paradox of self-surrender and self-empowerment: An investigation of the individual's understanding of the Higher Power in Alcoholics Anonymous
Marc Medina

Theoretical Papers

The relationship of counselling psychology training with CBT: Implications for research and practice
Georgia Konstantinou

Characteristics of master therapists and the influence of Carl Rogers: A discussion
Ross Crisp

Dialogues and Debates

A thought crime or a 'dead mother'?
Dr Sacha Lawrence & Dr Elaine Mayon-White

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