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Counselling Psychology Review Vol 30 No 2 June 2015

Counselling Psychology Review Vol 30 No 2 June 2015

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Quick Overview

A publication including articles concerning research and practice in Counselling Psychology.




Editorial: International developments in Counselling Psychology
Denis O'Hara

Theoretical Papers

The growing international perspectives within the Society of Counseling Psychology in the United States
Chiachih D.C. Wang & Puncky P. Heppner

Counselling Psychology: A view from Australia
John Meteyard & Denis O'Hara

Research Papers

'Unless everyone's covert guerrilla-like social justice practitioners...': A preliminary study exploring social justice in UK counselling psychology
Laura Anne Winter & Terry Hanley

An investigation into counselling psychologists' research activity: Motives, facilitators and barriers - a contextual perspective
Angelika Apostolopoulou & Marina C. Skourteli

Book Review

Adolescent Counselling Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice
Edited by Terry Hanley, Neil Humphrey & Clare Lennie


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