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CYP Faculty Update Vol 9 No 2 Winter 2010

CYP Faculty Update Vol 9 No 2 Winter 2010

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Quick Overview

Service & Practice Update is produced by the Faculty for Children and Young People. It is published three times a year with the aim of informing Faculty members, and providing a mechanism for members to share their practice with each other.




Faculty News

Continued Professional Development

  • Report on East Yorkshire and Humber region SIG event
  • Highlights from Conference 2010
    • Young Minds Very Important Kids (VIK)
    • The helping families programme
    • What does it mean to be a good scientific practitioner?

Professional and Clinical Issues

  • Improving transitions care from child and adolescent mental health services to adult mental health services  - Hannah Smith, YoungMinds
  • RCPsych Public Health Day - Bethanne Willingham
  • Private Practice Update  - Lynne Hipkin
  • Reflections on being both an independent psychologist and working within the NHS - Claudia Wilson

National Network News

  • CPLAAC Update
    •  Simple Work with Complex Cases: How DBT and CBT can make small changes go a long way
    • Chatback: The Voices of Young People through Creative Media
    • The Hindley Approach: Promoting an Attachment/ Trauma Perspective in Adolescent Forensic Settings
    • Multi Agency Consultation Forums
    • The SDQ - More than Just a Number
    • Play Therapy with Children in Care
    • Story Stem Assessment Profile - Experiencing a "Flavour" of this Narrative Assessment and Exploring how useful it can be in Clinical Practice
    • Applying the US Practice Parameters for Assessing and Treating
    • Attachment Difficulties in a UK Setting: Where the Evidence Leads US
  • CPAFFS Event
    • Violence Risk Assessment in Adolescent Forensic Services
    • Working with High Risk Adolescents from A Developmental
    • Trauma Perspective: Ideas and Emerging Practice
    • The Utility of the Construct of Psychopathy in Children   

  • Child LD Network
    • ACAMH Winter Conference - Child and Adolescent Learning Disabilities: perspectives, innovations and developments

    Book Reviews

Additional Information