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DCP Briefing Paper No 21: Clinical Psychologists and Assertive Outreach

DCP Briefing Paper No 21: Clinical Psychologists and Assertive Outreach

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Quick Overview

DCP Briefing Paper No 21

This document is an update of a 2006 Division of Clinical Psychology Briefing Paper on the same topic and is aimed at clinical psychologists, managers and commissioners. It focuses primarily on practice within England and Wales but the principles would apply across all four home nations.

It provides an overview of the service model in terms of underlying principles, available models and the evidence base. This will assist in local decision making about the most effective way of providing such a service.

It identifies roles and functions of clinical psychologists and makes recommendations for psychology staffing.




Executive summary


Section 1: What is assertive outreach?
1.1 Key features and policy context
1.2 Is it effective

Section 2: Service models
2.1 Designated assertive outreach teams
2.2 Hybrid teams
2.3 Flexible assertive community treatment (Fact)
2.4 Integrated assertive outreach function
2.5 Ceasing to provide assertive outreach

Section 3: Interventions

Section 4: Team composition and functioning

Section 5: The role of clinical psychologists
5.1 Direct clinical work
5.2 Indirect clinical work/Working with the whole team
5.3 Research and evaluation
5.4 Training and supervision
5.5 Service development

Section 6: Service user and carer involvement

Section 7: Specific employment considerations
7.1 Gradings
7.2 Full- or part-time
7.3 Working hours
7.4 Supervision

Section 8: Conclusions: The future for clinical psychology in assertive outreach



Additional Information