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DCP Briefing Paper No 22 June 2006: Child Clinical Psychologists and on-call work

DCP Briefing Paper No 22 June 2006: Child Clinical Psychologists and on-call work

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Quick Overview

A guide for child clinical psychologists considering setting up or providing clinical input to on-call systems within CAMHS

This paper aims to discuss the nature of, and issues surrounding, various types of 'on-call' work, in order to ensure that our members are properly informed of the implications of undertaking or not undertaking such work. It is not the aim of this paper to propose any particular position with regard to whether either individual child clinical psychologists or the profession generally should or should not undertake this work.




Section 1: Introduction

  • Why a briefing paper on on-call work? 
  • What is on-call work?
  • What are the essential elements of on-call work?

Section 2: What are the demands of on-call work?

  • Urgent Initial decision making
  • Urgent management of risk

Section 3: What is required to meet these demands?

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Knowledge
  • Other skills/abilities
  • Nice Guidelines on assessment and treatment of self-harm

Section 4: Do clinical psychologists have these skills/abilities?

Section 5: What is needed if child clinical psychologists are to be safely and effectively involved in on-call work?

Section 6: What are the employment implications for clinical psychologists in doing on-call work?

  • Terms and Conditions for on-call work
  • Insurance

Section 7: Appendix

  • Current arrangements for 24-hour CAMHS cover across the U
  • Suggested headings for a CAMHA on-call protocol
  • Training courses

Section 8: References


Additional Information