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DCP Briefing Paper No. 27: Clinical Health Psychologists in the NHS

DCP Briefing Paper No. 27: Clinical Health Psychologists in the NHS

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Quick Overview

This document aims to provide information for managers, purchasers, health professionals and service users about the role of clinical health psychologists in the management of physical health problems in the NHS. It aims to clarify the unique knowledge base and skills which clinical health psychologists contribute to the field and the nature of the services which they are able to provide.

In addition, it outlines the organisational structures which need to be in place to ensure the maintenance of appropriate professional standards and the provision of appropriate professional support mechanisms for clinical health psychologists working in physical health care settings. Workforce planning issues are also considered.



  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • What is a clinical health psychologist?
  • What do clinical health psychologists do?
  • Evidence of improved health outcomes following psychological interventions
  • Relationship with other health professionals providing psychological services
  • Organisation of clinical health psychology services
  • Workforce requirements
  • Conclusion
  • References 

Additional Information