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DCP Newsletter No 50 December 1985

DCP Newsletter No 50 December 1985

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Quick Overview

The DCP Newsletter was the forerunner to Clinical Psychology Forum. It was designed as a discussion forum for issues of relevance to clinical psychologists, with articles, reports of events, correspondence, book reviews and announcements.





Guest editorials

Production process

Division News

  • Chairperson's letter
    Chris Cullen
  • Service development sub-committee report
    Galen Ives
  • Special interest group in psychological therapies: Past, present and future
    Hugh Koch
  • Working party on clinical psychology services for offending and anti-social behaviours
    Tony Black
  • Annual general meeting

Clinical Psychology: Past, Present and Future

  • The May Davidson Award Lecture: The emergence of clinical psychology as a profession
    Bernard Kat
  • Membership of the Division: A gatekeeper's view
    David Whitlow
  • The development of professional training in clinical psychology
    Deborah Cook
  • Research by clinical psychologists in the NHS
    J.E. Orme
  • A new career structure for clinical psychologists
    Valerie Barden & Tim Williarns
  • The future direction of clinical psychology
    Richard Velleman


  • Psychologists' role in medical settings: A continuing controversy
    Anthony E. Reading
  • Individuals or systems? Some implications for mental handicap
    Mark N. Lockyer
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall... a reply to Kaufman
    Stephen Flett
  • Response to Stephen Flett's reply
    Arthur Kaufman

Conference reports

Book reviews Announcements


Publications by members

Publications notice


Additional Information