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DCP Policy on Supervision

DCP Policy on Supervision

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Quick Overview

This document updates and replaces previous guidance from the DCP on suerpvision. Reference should also be made to the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct (2009), the BPS Generic Professional Practice Guidelines (2008), DCP Continuing Professional Development Guidelines (2010) and DCP Guidelines on Activity for Clinical Psychologists (2012).

This document confines itself primarily to the supervision needs of qualified clinical psychologists; supervision of trainee clinical psychologists is determined by additional guidance for clinical psychology training programmes: Guidelines on Clinical Supervision (BPS 2010). Supervising of assistant psychologists is addressed within the Guidance on the Employment of Assistant Psychologists (DCP, in preparation).



DCP Equality and diversity statement


Aim of this document

  • Purpose and function of supervision

Standards and recommendations for good practice

Types of supervision
  • Operational/line management supervision
  • Professional supervision
  • Clinical supervision
  • Alternative approaches to the provision of supervision
  • Informed consent from clients in relation to supervision

Complex issues that might arise in supervision

  • Aspects of the supervisory relationship
  • Sociocultural aspects to consider in supervision
  • Diversity impact assessment in relation to supervision

Quality aspects of effective supervision

  • Expertise in the provision of effective supervision
  • Training and CPD for supervisors
  • Problems in accessing supervision
  • Monitoring and audit




Additional Information