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DCP Scotland Newsletter Issue 3 September 2010

DCP Scotland Newsletter Issue 3 September 2010

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Quick Overview

Newsletter of the Division of Clinical Psychology Scotland.

Main features:


  • A distress tolerance group with impulsive adolescents

  • Developments of Shared Decision Model with cancer patients

  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy at the Orchard Medium Secure Unit

Please note: This electronic version is a significantly expanded version of the printed edition, and has many more articles from Lothian NHS.



Letter from the Chair
Frances Baty

Letter from the Editor
Iain Campbell

Letter from the Guest Editors
Gill Kidd & Jamie Kirkland

How does a community learning disability team recognise and respond to the mental health needs of people with a learning disability?
Fleur-Michell Coiffat & Keith Marshall

Services for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse: New ways of working in NHS Lothian
Sandra Ferguson & Katie O'Hanlon

The importance of ongoing supervision following initial motivational interviewing (MI) training
Peter Littlewood

A distress tolerance skills group with impulsive adolescents
Fiona Duffy

Training for doctors in the use of cognitive screening assessments
Anna Everatt

Development of Shared Decision Model with breast and prostate cancer patients
Belinda Hacking, Sarah Shepherd & Sarah Elizabether Scott

Cognitive Analytic Therapy at the Orchard Clinic Medium Secure Unit for mentally disordered offenders
Mark Ramm

The Transformation Station: Sharing, using and creating knowledge for mental health and wellbeing
Patricia Graham & Duncan Pentland

Evaluation of the Healthy Reading East Lothian programme for children, young people and families
Natasha Prescott & Cathy Richards

Lothian Psychological Intervention Network
Norman Frazer

Early years service for children with learning disabilites and/or auutism
Gill Kidd

Additional content (web only version)

East Lothian Adult Mental Health Psychology Department
Patricia Graham

Stress control: East and Mid Lothian
Penny Balfour & John Wills

Book prescription
John Wills & Penny Balfour

Guided self help
Patricia Graham & Penny Balfour

CHANGES & Guided self help
Fiona Dugdale

Older Adults Psychology Service
Ros Evans

Working with parents with learning disabilities in Lothian
Sandra Guinea & Jennifer Hadden

The NHS Lothian Interagency Referral Discussion Liaison Service
Sandra Guinea & Suzie Johncock

Volunteer assistant psychologists
Alison Wells

CAMHS Intensive Treatment Service
Cathy Richards

Beyond sexual abuse: Evaluation of an intervention delivered individually and in groups for female survivors of child sexual abuse
Alison Wells & Audrey Millar

Multi-agency working in forensic services: MAPPA and the Sex Offender Liaison Service
Katharine Russell

Guided self-help - Clinical outcomes and capacity building in primary care
Neil Millar, Nicola Spence, Leanne Galloway, Kirsty Bell, Kirsty Nesbitt, Claire Norfolk & Greig Coull

Service-user evaluation in two outpatient CAMHS teams
Emily Taylor & Fiona Duffy

Piloting the Incredible Years toddler parenting programme in two Sure Start venues: A collaborative approach in West Lothian
Holly Jones & Benda Renz

The effect of attachment, emotion regulation and social support in adolescent mental health difficulties
Rebecca Fisher

Lothian Mood Screening Survey: Stage 1
Abbi Noble

Is dignity therapy feasible in Scotland?
Audrey Matthews

Research Digest - Evaluation of the comparative effectiveness of three contemporary group therapies for the reduction of anxiety & depression
Patricia Graham & Jennifer Scotland

Therapist views: Administration of questionnaires
Ellie Caldwell

Anxiety in older adults - systematic review: A review of the reduction of pathological worry in older adults with Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Kate Parker

Whispers and closed doors: The experiences of gay men living long-term with HIV'
Alison Wells

Additional Information