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DCP Scotland Review Issue 16 Summer 2017

DCP Scotland Review Issue 16 Summer 2017

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Quick Overview

Newsletter of the Division of Clinical Psychology Scotland. This issue explores issues of leadership and high-quality care: two concepts which are inextricably linked, and in which applied psychology - not just 'clinical' psychology - is of paramount importance.



Letter from the Editor
Simon Stuart

Letter from the Chair
Alison McMullan

DCP-S Plans and Perspectives

We're listening - our response to your feedback
Trudi Dickson & Alison Clark

Lights, camera ... (the DCP-S) Action (Plan)
Alana Davis

How you can stand up for psychology in Scotland
Callum Chomczuk

How we've been standing up so far
Alison Clark

Developing Clinical Psychology in Scotlands

Responding to trauma is everybody's business: The creation and implementation of Scotland's new National Trauma Training Strategy
Sandra Ferguson, Caroline Bruce & Sharon Doherty

Killing three birds with one stone? Stress Control in schools for pupils, parents and teachers
Jim White

The treatment of eating disorders: Successes, failures and the need for new options
Susan Simpson

The Emotional Resources Group: The development of a brief emotion regulation skills training programme for secondary care
Thomas Bacon, Andrew Summers & Frances Baty

DCP events, and joint events

Psychological perspectives on working with the 'hard to reach' in psychosis ... question is, who are the 'hard to reach'?
Alison McCusker

Hard to reach: Coercive system or defective gene?
Chrys Muirhead

Evidence that we can all work together
Janet Fraser

Are we too nice to be effective therapists?
Ann-Marie Wall

Making sure we have the necessary conversations
Laura McDermott

Same conference, diverse experience
Kirsty Fawns & Edel McGlanaghy

In praise of reward
Ruth Stocks


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