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DECP Debate 144 September 2012

DECP Debate 144 September 2012

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. This edition is a Special Edition featuring the one-day conference on Anxiety, Autism and Attachment.




Guest Editorial
Anne Peake

Jane, aged 17 years

Chair's Notes
Chris Arnold

Autism and the brain's working - how far have we got?
Andrew Curran

When I'm anxious...
Andrew, aged 14 years

Psychopharmacology in Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Marian Perkins

The shadow spreading
Danielle, aged 17 years

Autism, Anxiety and Mental Health
Paul Isaacs

I'm anxious when...
Ella, aged 16 years

Developing an ASD Assessment Protocol for adolescent girls with attachment difficulties
Katie Adolphus & Rachel Smith

Anxiety - it's like a prickling - fear...
Danielle, aged 17 years

Distinguishing between the behaviour patterns of ASD and significant attachment problems: The Coventry Grid
Heather Moran

Ignored help
Liam, aged 18 years

Developing an 'Attachment Focused Clinic' for young children with complex neurodevelopmental difficulties in Community Paediatrics
Suzanne Thompson & Mariana Guigiu

What makes me anxious
Jake, aged 15 years

Looking behind the behaviour - understanding early experiences
Lynne Hipkin

When I get anxious, it's like a road...
Bradley, aged 15 years

Video Interaction Guidance (VIG): Anxiety, attachment, autism
Hilary Kennedy & Miriam Landor

Annie, aged 15 years

Bring back orphanages - bring back attachments
Phil Frampton

Jane, aged 17 years

Tell it like it is: Using life story work for some anxieties
Anne Peake

The story so far
Sam, aged 15 years

Connectedness to school: A vital link for young people with autism?
Louise Meehan

The anger inside
Tanis, aged 15 years

Features of an autism-friendly school
Anne Pearce

Book Reviews
Edited by Peter Lloyd Bennett

Resources for Review
Peter Lloyd Bennett


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