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Developmental Forum No 84 September 2016

Developmental Forum No 84 September 2016

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Quick Overview

Forum is one of the major ways in which the Developmental Psychology Section achieves its aim to promote the advancement and diffusion of psychological knowledge concerning human development to maturity by the exchange of specialist knowledge.



A Message from the Editors
Siân Jones and Emily Mather

A Message from the Chair
Vasudvei Reddy

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International Collaboration Scheme

Workshop Funding Scheme

New: Enabling Research Funding Scheme

Section Awards

Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Developmental Psychology Report
Atsushi Senju

Feedback to the Future: Workshop Report
Yvonne Skipper & Russ Crawford

International Collaboration Scheme Reports
Sally Palmer

Clinical Psychologists turn to Facebook

BPS Developmental Section - Online Media

Developmental Section Committee Members 2015-2016

Developmental Section Annual General Meeting 2016

Developmental Section Annual Conference 2017


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