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DOP Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter Vol 10 Summer 2017

DOP Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter Vol 10 Summer 2017

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Quick Overview

The Division of Occupational Psychology Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter is a publication reporting on projects that the Working Group undertake.




Message from the Co-Chairs
Almuth McDowall & Gail Kinman

Message from the Editor
Roxane L. Gervais

Featured article

Work-life balance in UK prison officers: The importance of switching off
Gail Kinman, Andrew Clements & Jacqui Hart

Work-life balance: A global perspective

Work-life balance: A global ranking based on OECD member countries
Roxane L. Gervais

New and emerging research

Work-life balance in the media
Alexandra Beauregard

Interesting snippets

Conference and seminar reviews

A transdisciplinary approach to building e-resilience: Managing technology
Christine Grant, Gail Kinman, Almuth McDowall, Cristina Quinones & Svenja Schlachter

Conference and activity announcements

Book reviews

Work-Life Balance in Times of Recession, Austerity and Beyond
Suzan Lewis, Deirdre Anderson, Clare Lyonette, Nicola Payne & Stephen Wood
Reviewer: Professor Suzan Lewis

Finding Time: The Economics of Work-Life Conflict
Heather Boushey
Reviewer: Anna Meller


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