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DOP Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter Vol 6 Winter 2014

DOP Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter Vol 6 Winter  2014

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Quick Overview

The Division of Occupational Psychology Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter is a new publication reporting on projects that the Working Group undertake.




Messages from the Co-Chairs
Almuth McDowall & Gail Kinman

Message from the Newsletter Editor
Roxane L. Gervais

Featured articles

  • Supporting employee health by supporting their family life
    Kristen S. Jennings
  • 'Getting a life' - the work-home interface, health behaviours and well-being in professional women
    Sabrina Robinson & Gail Kinman
  • Striking a balance: An interview with Dr Ellen Ernst Kossek
    Gail Kinman & Almuth McDowall
  • Busting myths in the great flexibility versus face time debate
    Anna Beninger

Work-Life Balance: A global perspective

  • Can Hong Kong companies balance work and life?
    Robin Bishop

New and Emerging Research

  • Work-Life Balance and Medically Assisted Reproduction (MAR): Women's experiences of combining work and using MAR
    Nicola Payne, Suzan Lewis & Olga van den Akker

Promoting Work-Life Balance

  • WLB Working Group's Fact Sheets       

Interesting snippets: Perspectives and new research

  • Eight ways not to manage your email (and five-and-a-half tactics that work)
    Sarah Green
  • How regular exercise helps you balance work and family
    Russell Clayton
  • China's young warm to the West's work-life balance
    Patti Waldmeir
  • Survey: 'Overtime' impacts on Chinese work-life balance
    Wang Xin & Liang Jun
  • The key to work-life balance is really work-life harmony
    He Lu Calvin Ong & Senthu Jeyaraj
  • We ask the experts: Are we working too hard?       

Conference Review

  • EAOHP Conference 2014
    Gail Kinman & Almuth McDowall
  • Conference Announcements
  • Book Reviews
  • WLB Working Group members in the news


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