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DOP Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter Vol 8 Winter 2015

DOP Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter Vol 8 Winter 2015

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Quick Overview

The Division of Occupational Psychology Work-Life Balance Working Group Newsletter is a new publication reporting on projects that the Working Group undertake.




Messages from the Co-Chairs
Almuth McDowall & Gail Kinman

Message from the Newsletter Editor
Roxane L. Gervais

Featured article

The impact of shift patterns on the personal lives of police call handlers: Research summary
Shannon McGrorey; Andrew James Clements

Work patterns, child care and school times: In or out of sync?

Work-Life Balance: A Global Perspective

Work-life balance in South African research: Patterns in progress
Antoni Barnard; Eileen Koekemoer

New and Emerging Research

Freelancers experience 'enthusiasm- based' work-nonwork conflict
Stephen Wood; George Michaelides

Sharing Knowledge and Networking

Forging Links with Like-Minded Bodies
Gail Kinman

Promoting Work-Life Balance

WLB Working Group's Fact Sheets

Reviewing Recent Research

Conference and Seminar Reviews

VI International Conference of Work and Family
Esther Canónico

Book reviews

Worklife Balance: The Agency and Capabilities Gap
Barbara Hobson (Ed.); Reviewed by Anna Meller

Handbook of Research on Work-Life Balance in Asia
Luo Lu and Cary L. Cooper (Eds.); Reviewed by Sai Bon Timmy Cheung

Information for Contributors

DOP WLB Working Group Members


Additional Information