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Early interventions for trauma

Early interventions for trauma

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Quick Overview

The high incidence of traumatic exposure and the negative consequences for survivors and society highlight the need for effective and appropriate early interventions.

The Crisis, Disaster and Trauma section organised two symposia which brought together a group of internationally recognised psychologists who have worked on the front line in supporting adults, young people and children exposed to war, natural and technological disasters and other traumatic events. The two days were designed to provide opportunities for all the participants to engage with the topic and to grapple with some of the issues that surround the provision of early interventions following traumatic exposure.

The day was opened by Professor William Yule and chaired by Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes (BPS President Elect). Professor Hacker Hughes also co-ordinated and supported the discussion groups which examined the central themes of the day. The resultant presentations have been captured and are included in this document together with a statement of intent for the application of early post-trauma interventions.



Professor William Yule

Speakers and contributors

What can be learnt from the debriefing controversy?
Dr Debbie Hawker & Dr David Hawker

Early interventions in war and disasters
Professor David Alexander

Early interventions with children in the aftermath of a crisis
Henryk Holowenko

Early interventions in organisations
Dr Noreen Tehrani

What is success?
Dr John Durkin

What is needed now for early post-trauma interventions?
Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes


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