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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 19 No 2 2002: What psychology for what kind of world?

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 19 No 2 2002: What psychology for what kind of world?

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. The theme of this issue is What psychology for what kind of world?




About the contributors

Carol Aubrey

The impact of inclusion policy on school psychology practices in Zimbabwe
Maureen Mnkandla and Kurauone Matruse

Building an inclusive education and training system. What is next for educational psychologists in South Africa?
Nithi Muthukrisha and Maria Baez

The impact of inclusion on educational psychology practices: The Cypriot reality
Timothy C. Papadopoulos

The roles of the educational psychologist in inclusion in Australia
Christina E. van Kraayenoord

Where inclusion stops: An investigation of reasons why young children are referred to special education in the Netherlands
G.M. van der Aalsvoort and A.M. van Tol

Evolution of the Portuguese special education system. A deaf child's life in a regular school - is it possible to have hope?
Ana-Sofia Freire and Margarida Cesar

The dilemma of diagnosis: Working in adult education in Sweden
Lisbeth I.M. Ohlsson

Alternative practice: Alternative perspectives
Andrew Sutton


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