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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 20 No 4 2003

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 20 No 4 2003

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology.




About the contributors

Students' experiences of the transition from primary to secondary school
Jane Tobbell

Learning to read children's emotional experience
Kairen Cullen and Chris Shaldon

Positive exceptions: Learning from students who beat 'the odds'
Paul Rees and Kathryn Bailey

A framework for the creation of practitioner-based evidence
Jeff Matthews

Spoken language in the early years: The cognitive and linguistic development of three- to five-year-old children from socio-economically deprived backgrounds
Ann Locke and Jane Ginsborg

Progressing in Tandem: A Sure Start initiative for enhancing the role of parents in children's early education
Ruth M. Ford, Daphne Evans and Siné J. P. McDougall

Constructing a flexible model of integrated professional practice Part 1 - Conceptual and theoretical issues
John Gameson, Gill Rhydderch, Diane Ellis and Tim Carroll

Building fresh perceptions of a class: Turning horrors into lovelies
Kairen Cullen and Lata Ramoutar


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