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Educational & Child Psychology Vol 25 No 1 2008: Emergent knowledge

Educational & Child Psychology Vol 25 No 1 2008: Emergent knowledge

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Quick Overview

A collection of papers that make significant and original contributions to the field of educational and child psychology. The theme is of this issue is 'emergent knowledge', reporting small-sale research studies. We anticipate that the conceptual and empirical findings will be of interest to educational psychologists and academic researchers.





Analysing and interpreting spoken discourse: Educational psychologists as reflexive practitioners
Kathryn Anne Pomerantz

Differential teacher positive and negative interactions with male and female pupils in the primary school setting
Jo Davies

A systematic review of cognitive-behavioural interventions for adolescents with anger-related difficulties
Rachel L Cole

A Grounded Theory Study of 'Circle of Friends' groups: The power of the set-up meeting as a tool for opening the social field for isolated children in schools
Alistair James & Gerv Leyden

To what extent are non-intellectual factors included in current approaches to dynamic assessment: A review
Erika da Silva Ferrão & Sonia Regina Fiorim Enumo

Pedagogical principles favouring the development of reasoning in people with severe learning difficulties
Marco G.P. Hessels & Christine Hessels-Schlatter

The relationship between patterns applied while using software to observe natural phenomena and understanding those concepts by Kindergarten students
Geerdina Maria van der Aalsvoort, Eveline Bouwense & Matthea Kok-Baarda

The Impact of a multi-agency locality team project on the lives of children and young people
Sheelagh Lippell & Sarah Jones

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